How to attract the right tenants

How to attract the right tenants

Attracting the right tenants is important for any landlord. The best tenants will mean reliable rental payments and less expenditure on wear and tear in the future, so they are worth chasing. Any landlord with a house for rent in Vientiane or any other large town or city needs to be aware that there are other landlords chasing the same, top quality tenants. In order to secure the best tenants there are a number of things that any landlord can do.

1. Cleanliness
Nothing disappoints a prospective tenant more than the thought of a dirty home. To avoid this, make sure your property is regularly cleaned. Even when you have tenants, regularly check that they are keeping the property clean. Between tenants you should also make sure you clean it thoroughly before offering prospective renters a viewing.

2. Decoration
Decoration is very important. Think of it as your shop window. Paint all of the walls in your property the same colour. Then complete the decoration by painting doors, door frames, windows, and skirtings in a bright white for maximum effect. Simple and cheap, this will make any property look appealing to new tenants.

3. Fixtures and fittings
Change all of the on/off light switches in your property to dimmer switches. They are inexpensive and simple to install and are very good at creating a comfortable ambience that new tenants will find very appealing. Change cupboard door handles to the latest styles to make a kitchen or bedroom look modern and fresh.

4. Advertise Online
In large towns and cities house hunters have a large selection of property to choose from. There are so many houses for rent in Vientiane and other cities that online searches are important for new tenants. Post your advertising on a site like ours to ensure you get multiple enquiries from top quality tenants. Make sure you have top quality photos that really show your property off in the best possible light.

5. Check Out the Competition
Find out what other landlords are offering tenants. You need to get the potential rental value of your property right. Too low and you will not make the best returns on your investment and too high, you will lose the best tenants to competitor landlords. Once you know what others are offering you can then make sure your property offers more facilities and better comfort to secure the top quality tenants you want.

The rental market is very competitive. Any house for rent in Vientiane will attract quality tenants if it is top quality. Fixtures, fittings, and maintenance all need to be up to date. The best tenants can then be attracted by registering with an online agency. Call us on +856 20 2389 9999 to find out more about how we can help you.