Step-by-step renting guide

House Renting Method

Are you new to the property market? Are you looking for a house for rent in Laos and don’t know how to go about it? Renting a property can sometimes be confusing, especially if there are a large number of properties to choose between. Having an idea of the basic steps you need to go through will make renting your property much easier and will probably mean you save money.

Find the Right Rental House for You
Start by logging onto You can then search through our extensive lists of houses for rent in Laos. You can search by province, district, village, property type, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and the price range.

What Happens Once I Have Found a Property?
At this stage you need to demonstrate your interest in the property. You do this by placing a deposit with the landlord. They will then clean the property thoroughly and ensure any other work you would like done, such as decorating or other minor improvements is done to your satisfaction. The amount of the deposit has to be agreed between you and the landlord. You can pay the deposit directly to the landlord or through us at Realestateinlaos.Com.

Agreements and Contracts
Whilst the landlord is completing any work that needs to be done you should agree other terms such as rental amount, rental period payment terms, and any other conditions that the landlord may have. A contract can then be drawn up and signed.

Final Payment
Once the contract is signed and the initial work completed you can then pay the remainder of the money you owe the landlord, move into your new home and begin enjoying your life there.