Step by step buying guide

Land and House Buying Procedures

Have you found some land for sale in Laos that you are interested in? Perhaps you are in the market
for buying home? For many, the process is new and can appear quite complicated. You will find
details of the main steps you need to go through in this document.

Finding a Home or Land For Sale in Laos
Before you start to search you should decide how much you are looking to spend. Your budget is
the most important thing to agree before you start. Next you should decide where you want your
land or house to be. If you are buying land, decide how much you want before you go any further.
It will make your searches much easier.

Once you have defined all of the details you can go online and begin your search. Call us at
Realestateinlaos.Com for details about how to use our powerful search facilities.

What Happens Once You Have Found Your Land or House?
The next step involves agreeing on a price. Price negotiation can be a tricky process, especially
if you are buying from a seasoned real estate owner. Realestateinlaos.Com has many years’
experience and tried and tested techniques for negotiating the best price for you. Of course, you
can negotiate yourself but our experience shows us that we can often secure a better deal.

Once We Have Agreed on a Price, What Happens Next?
After you have finalised the price a lease needs to be drawn up. You should also check to find
out if the land is actually owned by the person you have agreed to buy it from. Expect this to
be quite quick usually one or two working days.

What Happens Next?
Once all of the paper work is completed, and the validity of the sale proven it just falls to
completing legal contracts and paying money. The amount you pay and the schedule of
payments should be agreed in advance with the land or property vendor. If you pay a
deposit, expect to pay anywhere between 30% and 70%. Once monies have been
transferred and contracts signed, you can proceed to change the land deed.

How Long Does it Take to Change a Land Deed
This will depend on the nature of the land itself. Normally, Golden Edge Land Deeds take
about three weeks. If the land is not yet covered on a Golden Edge Land Deed it may
take up to three months.

What is the Final Stage in the Process?
Once the name on the Land Deeds has been changed you should then pay the remainder
of the balance as agreed with the vendor.

Buying a home or land in Laos can be a straight forward process as these simple steps
show. However, there are a number of things that can go wrong or make the process
more complicated. For the best advice call us on +856 20 2389 9999 to find out more
about how we can help you to make the process of buying land or a home as smooth
and easy as possible.