Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Realestateinlaos.Com

We have a firm commitment to your privacy at Realestateinlaos.Com real estate agents
and so our privacy statement exists to show our commitment to your privacy. This document
details our information usage and datagathering practices. You can find out more details about
the way we operate at Realestateinlaos.Com by reviewing our Terms and Conditions.

How We Use Your Information
We respect your information and will only use it for purposes connected with assisting you
as your real estate agents. We: will not share your email details with any third party will
only collect your personal information when you register. may use your personal information
to help us provide Services to you, to verify your identity and to enforce our terms and conditions.

How We Use Email
We guarantee that we will only use your email details to: forward details of services and
products we think you will be interested in. help you register, sign up or login to our website.
send you our newsletter containing real estate news, urgent sales details, latest tips or other
details we think you may be interested in.

Registration Removal
Should you no longer wish to be a user of our site, you can send us the request to remove
your account. We will: Remove you from our membership list. Stop sending you our newsletters.

Updates to Our Information Practices
Sometimes we change our information practices or change the functionality of our website.
When we do this, we will update this statement if it needs updating, so we encourage you
to review this page periodically for the latest privacy practices at Realestateinlaos.Com.
If you have any questions about privacy policies at Realestateinlaos.Com or any other matter,
please contact us on +856 20 2389 9999 or email on for further details.