Meet Our Team

Mr. Sunlay Siprasueth
Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of Realestateinlaos.Com, Sunlay is responsible for the strategic direction and growth of the Realestateinlaos.Com
Sunlay has a number of years in different fields of work before he recognised the growth opportunities in real estate in Laos and switched industry.
Starting out in commerce as a commercial/industrial consultant, Sunlay has gained considerable knowledge and experience in the sector as he progressed his career. He has been, in turn, becoming a real estate trainer, general manager and franchise owner before being appointed CEO of Realestateinlaos.Com  groups in June 2010.
Now responsible for the leadership of real estate in Laos, Sunlay is a youthful and energetic real estate professional with exceptional communication and presentation skills, a passion for people and the real estate industry, a considerable network and an established national profile.
A rising star in the industry, who as a seller has been involved in more than $11.9 million worth of real estate transactions in the last 5 years, Sunlay works alongside Chief Operations Officer Miss. Linda and together with her, manages the Realestateinlaos.Com Laos corporate team.

Mr. Chiay Maniam
Operations Manager – Property Management

Chiay has been a key player in the growth and development of real estate activity in Laos. His experienced is firmly rooted in all the main aspects of the business. He has in depth experience of agent services across Vientiane Capital and the wider country. He had significant success working for a competitor where He grew their broking business. We are now pleased that Chiay uses his considerable experience to support our clients and grow Realestateinlaos.Com.

Miss. Phonguen Sayasin
Marketing Manager

Miss. Phonguen is our resident marketing expert. She brings with her broad experience of marketing in the real estate business in Vientiane Capital. Her expertise has been instrumental in the growth of WeGoFa and in creating marketing activity that helps clients sell property and land. Working out of our head office, Miss Phonguen co-ordinates all the marketing activity for Realestateinlaos.Com offices across Laos.

Miss. Linda
Office and Growth Manager

Miss Linda helps to keep the Realestateinlaos.Com office running smoothly and efficiently. Her considerable experience in real estate recruitment means our recruitment is always effective and timely. She ensures that the Realestateinlaos.Com team is always focused on the best practice in real state. Her overview role and broad experience means our franchise offices are also always staffed with the best skilled real estate professionals.

Miss. Joy
Property Location Manager

Realestateinlaos.Com has a real estate presence across Laos and this is, in no small part, down to Miss Joy’s knowledge of the real estate market across Laos. Her huge knowledge of all areas of the country makes her a valuable asset to our clients. Combine this with her practical experience and this enables us to ensure clients achieve the best possible outcomes when renting or selling their land and property.

Miss. Xia
National Events and Relationship Manager

Miss Xia is responsible for Realestateinlaos.Com’s National Events Calendar, Sponsorship and Relationship Management. Her considerable experience in sponsorship and relationship management enables Realestateinlaos.Com to communicate the opportunities in the Laos real estate market across the country, the region and the wider world. Activities she is responsible for all ensure that Realestateinlaos.Com clients selling land and property are all sure of the best possible outcomes.