Real Estate Markets in Laos

Real Estate Markets in Laos
Demand for housing in Laos has been booming now for a number of years. With the establishment of the Asian Economic Community in 2015, expect increased overseas interest in Laos. Inward investment in industry and commerce will stimulate the economy leading to increased demand for real estate, and the number of expatriate residents is increasing steadily. This means that there has never been a better time to invest in the real estate market in Laos than now.
Land sales continue to increase as investors have spotted that future economic development will see premiums prices being paid. Today’s current activity shows the level of faith that investors have. They expect the prices achieved now and in the future for land for sale in Vientiane and other large towns and cities to increase. Buy land today and expect to see excellent returns on your investment as the Laos property market opens up.
Population growth is expected to continue at 2% and this alone will increase the demand for new housing. As the economy matures in Laos, more people will move from rural areas to urban concentrations such as the capital and this will further increase the demand for homes.

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