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Real Estate Services from Realestateinlaos.Com

For domestic and overseas clients the real estate market in Laos presents a growing opportunity. Increasingly, individuals and organisations are looking to create property portfolios or find a comfortable home to live in. In order for the complexities of the market to be manageable, a partner organisation offering an excellent range of real estate services is worth considering. At Realestateinlaos.Com, we offer the widest range of such services to be found anywhere in Laos and our offering includes the following services.

Selling, Purchasing and Renting Services
We have a selection of efficient and effective services that help put buyers and sellers in touch with each other. We also have excellent services that help prospective tenants find landlords and then help them to come to successful tenancy agreements. We offer these services across Laos.

Property Valuation Services
Understanding the condition and direction of the property market requires knowledge of the entire country. Realestateinlaos.Com has a large presence across the main cities in Laos and in many less urban environments as well. This enables us to come up with competitive and realistic prices for all property and land sales.

Listing Services
Our leading edge technology means that we can offer sellers and landlords the ability to display their land or property across the internet. Domestic and overseas investors can quickly see what a landlord is selling and our iPhone and Android apps means they can be updated about new listings whilst on the go.

Investment Services
For many professional real estate businesses, investment is their lifeblood. We have an excellent reputation in the Laos business community and this means we are in a unique place to introduce individuals and organisations looking to invest to those who are looking for funding.

Business License Services
With our extensive experience in the market we understand all of the legal and administrative requirements that a real estate business must meet. Our business license service enables you to be confident that you have all of the required permits and certification for your real estate operation.

Joint Venture Services
At Realestateinlaos.Com we believe that working together is important for organisations that want to grow in today’s economy. We understand how to bring together different organisations and how to promote joint ventures between them.

Realestateinlaos.Com offers individuals and organisations a wide range of real estate services. Whether you are an individual or an organisation, if you are considering the real estate market in Laos you need to be talking to us. Call us on call us on +856 20 2389 9999 or send us an email to for further details.

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